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Our Approach

Build stronger alternative portfolios with J.P. Morgan

Our broad spectrum of alternative investment solutions has been specifically designed to help investors achieve real returns and add diversification to portfolios, with strategies spanning real assets, private equity & credit, liquid alternatives, and hedge funds.

Outcome-focused alternative investment strategies

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By definition, infrastructure assets are essential to the economic health and productivity of communities. We believe that they are also an essential component of a diversified investment portfolio. Investments in infrastructure typically exhibit low volatility and low correlation to the traditional asset classes of equity and fixed income. They also provide essential yield to investors and pure play access to developing economies.

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More than 90% of global trade occurs on ships. With historic levels of distress in the maritime industry, savvy investors are seeing attractive opportunities in the three main sections of bulkers, tankers containers, as well as other areas like the-offshore and car carrier segment.

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Investment Strategies

Real Estate

Unlike most traditional investments, real estate assets are tangible. They are office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, multifamily projects and other property types. As tangible assets, they require highly specialized skill sets, broad platform capabilities, dedicated professionals and sheer manpower for maximizing return on investment.

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Real estate securities (REITs) provide public real estate investment strategies to institutional and individual investment clients.

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