Investment Overview

The Diversified Suite delivers the Multi-Asset Solutions Group’s best investment ideas, active asset allocation and broad asset class diversification in a range of costs effective single-fund solutions. We deliver our asset allocation capabilities through an industry-leading investment lineup that seeks to broadly invest where the risk-adjusted rewards are most attractive. We dynamically shift asset class and country weights to profit from market dislocations and to enhance the portfolio’s risk/return profile.

Investment Approach

The funds are designed to function as either a total solution for a plan or a building block within a portfolio.

The Diversified Suite offers a range of attributes, allowing clients to choose the solution that fits their needs:
  • Stock/bond mix ranges from 60% to 100% equity.
  • Fixed income allocations can be either core or long duration (designed to hedge pension liabilities)
  • Alpha and tracking error targets range from a low of a 1.00%-1.25% alpha target (for passive funds) to a high of 2.00%-2.50% alpha target (for actively-managed funds).