The Private Equity Group (PEG) has been actively making direct investments since 1988. Our strategy is to leverage relationships with fund sponsors in order to identify attractive investment opportunities at reasonable valuations. In addition to providing a return benefit, making direct investments provide an avenue for our team to work side-by-side with our private equity partners, furthering our relationship and offering a first hand view of how our partners add value to portfolio companies.
Key due diligence highlights for direct investments:
  • Transaction description
  • Management team
  • Company and market analysis
  • Customer concentration and references
  • Industry review
  • Financial projections
  • Return projections
Our focus is on smaller and mid-sized companies. In our view, this space is attractive for various reasons, including lower relative purchase prices, strong alignment with management teams, high growth rates, and differentiated businesses within their respective markets.
PEG Direct Investments:
  • Highbridge Brands
  • Chuys
  • 1 800 Contacts
  • Lightower
  • Sonic Wall