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Insurance Solutions

Our Global Fixed Income Insurance Solutions team delivers customized and integrated solutions to insurers globally. We combine the skills of insurance portfolio managers, the resources of a dedicated insurance client service team, and the infrastructure of a well-established risk management process.
Each insurance mandate offers unique challenges driven by a distinct set of liability funding profiles, financial objectives and risk tolerances. We believe our experience, approach and collaborative culture provide our clients with essential information to help make well-informed investment decisions.

Customized Solutions

  • Tailored fixed income solutions that combine optimal unconstrained sector views with insurance-specific objectives and constraints within customized portfolios
  • Portfolio management across multiple constraints and objectives from total return portfolios to highly constrained book yield mandates
  • Investment objective analysis and long-term asset allocation for life, property & casualty, health and reinsurance
  • Access to experienced portfolio management teams in both traditional and alternative fixed income asset classes with strong capabilities in investment research and portfolio strategy

Dedicated Team

  • Our Insurance Portfolio Management Team consists of 16 professionals with an average of 20 years of industry experience (as of 6/9/14)
  • Deep experience with insurance clients and consultants in constructing portfolios tailored to specific constraints and objectives

Strategic Process

  • A full range of fixed income expertise and strategies all informed by the group's macro-economic and research-driven investment approach
  • Internally-generated fundamental, quantitative, and technical inputs are the basis of investment decisions
  • Risk allocation using a rigorous and methodical portfolio construction process that includes
    • In-depth understanding of individual business and investment objectives
    • Full integration of asset-liability management
    • Proactive management of insurance constraints
  • Disciplined investment philosophy emphasizes transparency and risk management
  • Best-in-class technology and operational infrastructure

To learn more about our insurance capabilities please visit our Global Insurance Solutions page.

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