Investment Philosophy

We believe in a disciplined, value-driven approach to fixed income investment management. Central to our approach is bottom-up, fundamental analysis, which we use to identify sectors and securities that we believe are priced inefficiently. Our Core Bond strategy is structured to help meet the needs of investors seeking a diversified portfolio of investment grade fixed income securities, with no maturity restrictions.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is predicated on the following:
  • Adopt a longer-term investing versus a trading mentality.
  • Sector allocation decisions are based on broad sector outlook, utilizing expected return and valuation analysis.
  • Undervalued securities are identified through diligent research.
  • Relative risk/reward relationships evaluated along the yield curve.
  • Strategy emphasizes research and individual security analysis rather than large macro bets.
  • Duration managed primarily as a risk control measure.
  • Portfolios are well diversified and of high credit quality.
  • Risk management, which is embedded throughout the process, seeks to limit downside risk relative to benchmark.