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Our UK Equity portfolios seek to deliver long term returns that exceed the benchmark. They achieve this through bottom up stock selection leveraging a behavioral finance investment approach.

The J.P. Morgan UK Equity portfolios are managed by our European Equity Group—a 65-strong team responsible for assets of more than USD 23 billion. The investment professionals in the team offer an exceptional depth of expertise, with an average of 16 years experience in the industry.

We offer a range of UK Equity products across the risk/return spectrum, designed to meet a broad range of investor requirements. All of our UK equity portfolios aim to deliver long-term returns that exceed their benchmarks through disciplined stock selection based a behavioural finance approach.

Behavioural Finance Process

Our Behavioural Finance Process is based on the belief  that attractively valued, high quality stocks with positive momentum outperform the market due to pricing anomalies caused by persistent and identifiable investor behavioural biases.

Our portfolio managers select individual stocks that have one or more of the Value, Quality, and Momentum characteristics we seek from a universe of approximately 900 UK-listed stocks. We then efficiently combine these stocks to build a portfolio that is collectively cheaper, has higher quality, and has better momentum than the market. We believe that by combining stocks with strong Value, Quality and Momentum characteristics in a single portfolio we can outperform on a more consistent basis and through different market cycles.

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