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High Yield

Our High Yield strategies seek a high level of current income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt securities that are rated below investment grade or are unrated.

Two distinct high yield investment styles address a variety of client needs and goals:
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Key style benefits:
  • Strength and consistency of people, process, and performance are key differentiators
  • Bottom-up security selection drives portfolio construction
  • Focused on optimal bond selection, risk-adjusted relative value with issuers' capital structure
  • Downside focus in valuation analysis, combined with disciplined risk management process
  • Benchmark aware, pure high yield strategy, out of index securities generally not meaningful to performance
Key style benefits:
  • Benchmark aware, not benchmark focused
  • At the center of our approach is continuous fundamental evaluation of high yield securities guided by macro insights
  • Portfolio construction is a dynamic process that reflects our assessment of the direction and trend of credit fundamentals
  • Senior secured loans, distressed debt, out of index securities can be meaningful to performance
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