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Sustainable Investing

Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy is underpinned by a research-driven approach

Our approach to sustainable investing

We believe that ESG objectives and financial goals are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of our core investment capabilities incorporate ESG factors into their analysis with the primary goal of delivering exceptional investment returns. Our broad product depth and global research means we can partner with clients to meet their needs across a spectrum of solutions, including strategies that bring together a variety of sustainable capabilities.

Our sustainable investing capabilities extend across asset classes and investment approaches


Our business principles

We believe all our stakeholders should be able to understand the way we conduct our business—and the way we use our resources and capabilities to help tackle the ESG issues that matter most to our organisation and our stakeholders.

Our approach to ESG is underpinned by our firm-wide business principles:

JPMorgan Chase Business Principles

Exceptional Client Service
  • Focus on the customer
  • Be field and client driven and operate at the local level
  • Build world-class franchises, investing for the long term, to serve our clients
Operational Excellence
  • Set the highest standards of performance
  • Demand financial rigor and risk discipline: We will always maintain a fortress balance sheet
  • Strive for the best internal governance and controls
  • Act and think like owners and partners
  • Strive to build and maintain the best, most efficient systems and operations
  • Be disciplined in everything we do
  • Execute with both skill and urgency
A Commitment to Integrity, Fairness and Responsibility
  • Do not compromise our integrity
  • Face facts
  • Have fortitude
  • Foster an environment of respect, inclusiveness, humanity and humility
  • Help strengthen the communities in which we live and work
A Great Team and Winning Culture
  • Hire, train and retain great, diverse employees
  • Build teamwork, loyalty and morale
  • Maintain an open, entrepreneurial meritocracy for all
  • Communicate honestly, clearly and consistently
  • Strive to be good leaders

Socially Responsible Investments are subject to the risk that because social criteria exclude securities of certain issuers for non-financial reasons, investors may forgo some market opportunities available to those that don’t use these criteria.

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