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Emerging Markets, Asia Pacific & Japan

Our Emerging Markets, Asia Pacific and Japan strategies seek to deliver long-term growth potential. We offer a range of strategies across the risk/return spectrum – and within specific countries – designed to meet a broad range of investor needs.

Pioneers in emerging markets investing

Long considered a pioneer in this space, J.P. Morgan Asset Management began investing in emerging markets equities in 1971 – fifteen years before the asset class got its name – and started investing in Japanese equities in 1986.

We believe opportunities in emerging markets are best exploited through the deep local knowledge of our 200 “feet on the ground” investment professionals on our regional teams, combined with the insights of our experienced global sector specialists. The breadth of our local market coverage enables us to understand and gain an information advantage across the full universe of emerging market companies, rather than simply the most widely-held, large-cap names. Our research process leads us to focus our portfolios on higher-quality businesses and take a longer-term view than the typical investor.

We offer Emerging Markets strategies across various styles and capitalization ranges, covering specific regions as well as single countries. Our Asia Pacific strategies range across various styles and cover developed as well as emerging markets countries.

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