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JPMorgan European Investment Trust plc

JPMorgan European Investment Trust is a specialised investment trust with two share classes

JPMorgan European Investment Trust invests in Continental European stockmarkets and offers two investment choices: Growth and Income.

European - Growth Shares

Growth shares seek to provide capital growth and a rising share price over the longer term.

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European - Income Shares

Income shares aim to provide a growing income with the potential for longer term capital growth.

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JPM European is not a split capital investment trust. Each share class has rights over a discrete investment portfolio with its own assets and neither of the share classes takes priority over the other.

JPM European annual conversion date

JPMorgan European offers an annual Conversion Date in March which allows you to convert between each share class without incurring a liability to capital gains tax.

Conversion instructions must be received on a business day in February in respect of the 15 March conversion date. However, if you hold your shares through the J.P. Morgan Investment Account or ISA, the conversion instructions must be received no later than 21 calendar days before the 15 March conversion date using the Conversion Form available on this website.

If you hold your shares in certificated form, there is a Conversion Notice printed on the reverse of your share certificate.

How do I convert?

Crest instruction details will appear here before the commencement of the share conversion period on 1st February.