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Managing Volatility

Don’t let volatility
derail you

We offer insights and products to help you cut through the noise and keep your portfolio on track.

Your capital may be at risk.


Keep on top of volatility

Volatility is a fact of investing. But investors are usually rewarded in the long term. Building portfolios that have the ability to ride out the market’s ups and downs can help investors stay invested through the market cycle, benefitting from stronger long-term returns.

Prepare your strategy

Here are three key portfolio strategies that can help provide resilience to investment portfolios, whatever the economic forecast.

Build stronger portfolios

Our solutions can help investors add resilience to portfolios, or even provide the opportunity to capitalise on market volatility.

Stay informed

It’s hard to predict market volatility, but you can prepare. Keep up to date with the latest market and economic developments with analysis and comment from our expert market strategists.

How to hedge against a downturn

Market Insights

By including some hedges, investors can create a more balanced portfolio and help reduce overall portfolio losses when the next economic downturn eventually arrives.


Taming the business cycle

Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions

In recent decades, the US economy has become more stable. Notwithstanding the global financial crisis, recessions are milder and less frequent, while recoveries are weaker.