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A dividend focus in emerging markets can yield benefits

The Emerging Markets Income Fund pursues income and long-term capital growth from emerging markets by focusing on the dividend-paying stocks that have outperformed over the long term.

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Key Points

  • Taps into the compelling return potential of high-yielding emerging market stocks.
  • Blends income and growth to deliver a diversified source of return.
  • A risk-conscious approach with an emphasis on sustainable growth.
Risk and return profile: high dividend vs. broad index

Source: FactSet, MSCI, J.P. Morgan Asset Management (Guide to the Markets – Asia 4Q 2016). Data as at 31.12.2016. **Annualized return and volatility based on total monthly return data (USD) between January 2001 and December 2016. ***Risk-adjusted return is calculated by annualized return over volatility. Past performance is not necessarily a reliable indicator for current and future performance.

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