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Leon Goldfeld

Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Solutions
Hong Kong

3 Years with
J.P. Morgan
30 Years in
the industry

Leon is a portfolio manager in the Multi-Asset Solutions team, based in Hong Kong. Leon joined Multi-Asset Solutions from Amundi Hong Kong Limited where he was Head of Asian Multi-Asset Investment. He was promoted to Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Amundi Hong Kong in 2015. Leon's role at Amundi encompassed the portfolio management of all Asian biased multi-asset accounts as well as promoting the global multi-asset expertise throughout the Asian region. He has extensive experience in investment management, especially in the area of economic research, investment strategy and asset allocation. Prior to joining Amundi, Leon was Managing Director, Investment Strategy Group at Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management, focusing on emerging market equity strategy. From 2004 to 2010, Leon was Chief Investment Officer at HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong), where he managed over US$20 billion of multi-asset accounts and led an investment team covering strategic and tactical asset allocation investment research. He started his career in AXA Investment Managers, Australia in 1988 and was promoted to Chief Investment Officer of AXA Investment Manager, Hong Kong in 2001, where he managed an investment team and oversaw the management of a range of multi-asset accounts, Asian equities, Asian fixed income and special situation hedge funds.

years with
J.P. Morgan