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Our Approach

Innovative solutions across the investment spectrum
J.P. Morgan Multi-Asset Solutions draws upon over 40 years of experience in managing multi-asset class portfolios for institutional investors including defined benefit pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and defined contributions plans. With over 100 investment professionals worldwide, we manage over $170 billion* in AUM across flexible, outcome-oriented, quantitative and convertibles strategies, for a broad range of clients including institutions, advisors and individuals.

We understand and recognize that investors have a range of investment goals which may include generating income, preserving capital, managing volatility, asset-liability management, diversifying globally, and saving, spending and investing for retirement. We are committed to delivering superior outcomes by finding innovative ways to solve these complex problems.

Our approach to multi-asset investing is based on a disciplined and rigorous process that has yielded consistent results over many years. We begin by developing a comprehensive understanding of the problem our clients are trying to solve. Our qualitative and quantitative asset allocation research and the breadth and quality of our active investment capabilities are the building blocks for our multi-asset portfolios


Benchmark Oriented Solutions

Benchmark oriented strategies provide clients with a disciplined approach that seeks to outperform an explicit benchmark over a market cycle and deliver compelling risk-adjusted excess returns.  Benchmarks may be standard or custom designed by the client, consultant, or J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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Investment Strategies

Outcome Oriented Solutions

Outcome oriented strategies originate with a challenge for which the portfolio strategy is a key element of the solution. The challenge may be a risk to mitigate, a return goal, a need to outperform liabilities or multiple objectives.  J.P. Morgan’s mandate is to draw from our global capabilities to hone in on an innovative portfolio solution tailored to each unique outcome.

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