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Our Global Equity portfolios aim to deliver long-term returns that exceed their benchmarks through disciplined bottom-up stock selection.

We offer a range of Global Equity strategies across the risk/return spectrum designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, employing three distinct investment approaches – Manager Driven, Research Driven and Behavioral Finance.

Our approach to Manager Driven

Our Manager Driven process focuses on identifying “quality” companies that are well-managed, profitable, possess solid balance sheets and are growing faster relative to peers, yet whose stocks trade at reasonable multiples. This is achieved by leveraging the deep regional resources and global sector analytic capabilities of J.P. Morgan.

Our approach to Research Driven

Our Research Driven process is based upon the partnership between our dedicated global equity portfolio managers and our team of career buy-side equity research analysts. Through proprietary research, we seek out companies that combine characteristics, including (1) attractive valuation defined as stocks whose dividend discount return (DDR) ranks in the top two quintiles of their respective sectors, (2) sustainable or improving ability to generate cash flow, (3) return-focused, shareholder-friendly management and (4) timely catalyst that enables a stocks to realize its inherent value.

Our approach to Behavioral Finance

Our Behavioral Finance process is based on the belief that persistent growth and value anomalies exist in markets caused by persistent biases of market participants. These anomalies can be exploited by combining disciplined stock screening processes with fundamental research. Excess return is most efficiently captured by disciplined portfolio construction and by building portfolios that are highly diversified by stock, sector and region.

We offer a number of strategies across the risk/return spectrum designed to meet a broad range of investor needs.

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