JPMAM currently has separate guidelines for each of the following regions: (1) North America, (2) Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central America and South America, (3) Asia (ex-Japan) and (4) Japan. As a general rule, in voting proxies of a particular security, each JPMAM Entity will apply the guidelines of the region in which the issuer of such security is organized.

Pursuant to the Procedures, most routine proxy matters will be voted in accordance with the Guidelines, which been developed with the objective of encouraging corporate action that enhances shareholder value. For proxy matters that are not covered by the Guidelines, matters that require a case-by-case determination or matters where a vote contrary to the Guidelines is considered appropriate, the Procedures require a certification and review process to be completed before the vote is cast. That process is designed to identify actual or potential material conflicts of interest and ensure that the proxy vote is cast in the best interests of clients.

To oversee and monitor the proxy-voting process, each JPMAM advisory entity has established a proxy committee and appointed a proxy administrator in each global location where proxies are voted. Each proxy committee will meet periodically to review general proxy-voting matters, review and approve the Guidelines annually, and provide advice and recommendations on general proxy-voting matters as well as on specific voting issues presented by the relevant JPMAM entity. The Procedures permit an independent proxy voting service to perform certain services otherwise carried out or coordinated by the proxy administrator.