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Transforming the way investors access Alternative Investments Providing liquid, low cost and transparent exposure to hedge fund styles

The Challenge

How to access alternative investment strategies without:
  • Compromising portfolio liquidity through gates and lock-ups

  • Giving up returns through high fees

  • Giving up portfolio transparency
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Yasmin Dahya

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Our Approach

Hedge fund strategies through passive constructs
  • Use of a rules-based investment process to access hedge fund strategies historically only available through active managers

  • Risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to traditional and alternative investments

  • Access to beta for hedge fund strategies spanning four broad categories:
    • Equity Long/Short: Invests in top-ranked stocks while shorting bottom-ranked stocks from a universe of developed market stocks. Strategies captured include: Momentum, Value, Size and Quality.
    • Global Macro: Seeks some of the liquid and systematic risk premia captured by macro hedge funds, and includes fixed income, currency and commodity strategies.
    • Merger Arbitrage: Focuses on the deal-risk premium factored into the price of a merger-target stock until deal completes.
    • Convertible Bond Arbitrage: Focuses on the illiquidity and small cap premia available in the convertible bond market by capturing the underpricing of the embedded optionality

The Solution

Alternative Beta solutions are constructed to achieve:
  • Low correlated sources of returns: Invests in a number of Alternative investment strategies that are constructed to have little historical correlation to each other or to traditional equity or fixed income investments.

  • A role as a portfolio diversifier: Ideal as a portfolio diversifier and/or as a replacement for existing Alternative investments

  • Integrated Risk Management: Risk management integral to capturing specific factor returns

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