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Weekly Market Recap

A one-page snapshot of market performance, statistics and trends.

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Multi-Asset Solutions Weekly Strategy Report

After several months of calm, recent weeks have brought a resurgence of international trade disputes; the U.S. and China raised tariffs again on each other’s goods, and other trade issues continue to ferment.

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Weekly Bond Bulletin: Trading on trade wars

By GFICC Investors
Trade rhetoric is dominating news flow, weighing on risk assets. What could be the implications for US growth and inflation, and how is the outlook reflected in valuations?
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Do President Trump’s trade threats spell doom for markets?

By John Manley, Hannah Anderson

Market excitement about a resolution to the long-running U.S.-China trade dispute built ahead of (what were rumored to be) the final round of negotiations this week. However, comments from President Trump May 5 helped to dash that optimism.

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Fixed Income: Why all the negativity?

By Alex Dryden
A greater percentage of negative yielding bonds has reignited the hunt for yield as investors look for higher yields in riskier asset classes.
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From crisis to Goldilocks

By Pierre-Yves Bareau
We enter the 2nd quarter with a constructive view on emerging markets debt. In our view, the combination of a dovish Federal Reserve, Chinese stimulus and a stable servicing backdrop should lead to a stable returns profile for the rest of 2019.
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Understanding the Fed balance sheet

By Alex Dryden
The U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) has called a halt to the balance sheet reduction program earlier, and at a higher terminal level, than investors first anticipated.
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Factor Views 2Q 2019

By Yazann Romahi, Garrett Norman
Factor performance was bifurcated amid sharp market reversals. Equity factors were down across the board; macro factors were bolstered by carry across asset classes. We see potential catalysts in place across equity, event-driven and macro spaces.
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1Q19 Earnings: Is the party almost over?

By David Lebovitz, Tyler Voigt
Markets have bounced back nicely in 2019 after a volatile December, but this bounce has been driven almost entirely by multiple expansions.
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Global Fixed Income Views 2Q19

By Bob Michele
We cut the chances of Above Trend Growth to 45%; we expect a soft landing and roughly trend growth for the global economy and don’t see recession in 2019 or early 2020. Favored sectors: emerging market debt and FX, BBB corporates, high yield credit and loans and short-term securitized credit.
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Global Asset Allocation Views 2Q 2019

By John Bilton
Although recession risk is muted, we anticipate subtrend global growth in 2019. We slightly underweight stocks and overweight duration, taking cash back to neutral. The current environment supports carry a little more than capital growth. 
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Brexit: A week of high drama and minimal progress

By Karen Ward
This week the House of Commons demonstrated that a clear majority of members of parliament (MPs) are not willing to leave the EU without a deal. Our view has always been that we would at some point end with a relitively soft Brexit.
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4Q18 Earnings: A fork in the road

By Tyler Voigt, David Lebovitz
Markets have bounced back nicely in 2019 after a volatile December due to concerns of rising rates, peak economic and earnings growth and geopolitical tensions.
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Global Equity Views 1Q 2019

By Paul Quinsee
After a year of weak returns, we see an above-average level of opportunity across areas of global stock markets. By region our U.S. investors are the most optimistic as 2019 begins. Trade tensions and tariffs pose the main risk to equity markets.
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UK Bank of England meeting: Rates on hold amid mixed signals on the economy

By Karen Ward
The Bank of England (BoE) held its base rate of interest unchanged at 0.5% at its meeting today.
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Renewable energy and battery storage: Impacts of disruption on the core infrastructure investor

Disruption threatens all investors. Every industry and sector faces disruption risks from new technologies, competitors, politics and regulations.
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3Q 2017 Guide to the Markets and Quarterly Perspectives

Introducing our third quarter 2017 Guide to the Markets and Quarterly Perspectives. A comprehensive array of market and economic trends illustrated with clear and compelling charts.
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