J.P. Morgan is one of the financial sector's largest philanthropists, with distributions of more than $100 million on behalf of clients for whom we play a fiduciary role, and more than $200 million through our own J.P. Morgan Foundation.
Our long tradition of active philanthropy and custom solutions informs the investment guidance and strategies we provide to diverse not-for-profit clients around the world.
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The J.P. Morgan Endowments & Foundations Group is dedicated to helping not-for-profit and charitable organizations address their complex investment and financial investment needs. We work closely with executives and board directors to:
  • Design portfolio strategies for the long-term
  • Refine asset allocation decisions
  • Lead a fresh approach to managing risk
  • Strengthen board governance guidelines
With each relationship, we draw on our global network of resources, experts and insights, as well as on our more than 160 years of fiduciary and philanthropic giving experience. This allows us to take a proactive approach with investors, developing strategic partnerships and solutions that are aligned with their changing investment needs.

Partnering with institutions to solve key investment challenges

Our experience and dedicated commitment in serving not-for-profit organizations has provided us with unique insight into the issues that these institutions face. As such, we partner with many of the world's largest endowments and foundations and more than 4,300 charitable organizations. They entrust us with approximately $36 billion of their assets, counting on us to help them navigate today's financial markets.1 The J.P. Morgan Endowments & Foundations Group offers:

Distinctive Perspective

We are well positioned to help clients navigate challenging markets by delivering insights from our strategists and investment experts located around the globe. We can deliver these insights through portfolio analysis or advisory services, depending on your organization's specific needs:

Investment Solutions

We understand that different organizations face different investment challenges. Whether it's managing cash or retirement assets, or improving the financial, investment and governance practices of endowed institutions of higher learning, we believe there is no one size fits all approach to managing these investments. We will work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your organization's current financial situation and ensure your organization's investments carefully align with its mission, operating environment, liquidity needs and risk profile.

Dynamic Portfolio Construction

We manage the diverse needs of our clients through a rigorous portfolio construction process that combines strategic and tactical solutions within every asset allocation. In addition to implementing single- and multi-asset class solutions, we use patented modeling systems and proprietary liquidity analysis in an effort to help you meet your investment guidelines and risk targets.
We also employ factor analytics that allow us to break down monthly portfolio or manager returns and separate the market risk (beta) a manager takes on in a portfolio from the managerspecific risk or the true value-add of a manager's investing (alpha). Through this decomposition of portfolio volatility, we aim to generate strong returns subject to the same level of risk.

Fully Integrated Risk Management

Risk management is a fundamental consideration at every stage of our investment process. By truly understanding and allocating manager risk beyond simply examining historical monthly returns and manager-scripted style definitions, we help your organization advance its understanding of what drives portfolio results to better manage risk and potentially manage returns.


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1 As of December 31, 2012.