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Outcome Oriented Solutions

Outcome oriented strategies originate with a challenge for which the portfolio strategy is a key element of the solution. The challenge may be a risk to mitigate, a return goal, a need to outperform liabilities or multiple objectives.  J.P. Morgan’s mandate is to draw from our global capabilities to hone in on an innovative portfolio solution tailored to each unique outcome.

We design solutions to help meet particular outcome objectives such as structuring a diversified portfolio to outperform the rate of inflation. Other challenges may include delivering an absolute return goal or managing a portfolio within a specified volatility target. We draw on J.P. Morgan’s global capabilities to deliver innovative portfolio solutions that are tailored to each unique outcome.
We focus on building a wide range of outcome-oriented portfolios, with mandates that focus on:
  • Maximising the Sharpe ratio
  • Generating a target absolute return
  • Delivering income from diversified sources/across the capital structure
  • Achieving a minimum level of income replacement for as many DC members as possible
  • Minimising volatility or drawdown
  • Outperforming other managers or a plan sponsor’s in-house portfolio
  • Providing broad market exposure with an alpha and risk-control focus

Our solutions offer exposure to multiple asset classes and can be tailored to specific client objectives and constraints.

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