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Insurance Solutions

Our Global Fixed Income Insurance Solutions are designed to address challenges driven by a distinct set of liability funding profiles, financial objectives and risk tolerances. We believe our experience, approach and collaborative culture provide our clients with essential information to help make well-informed investment decisions.

Our approach to insurance investment strategies

Our Global Fixed Income Insurance Solutions team uses its deep experience with insurance clients and consultants to construct portfolios tailored to the specific constraints and objectives of insurers globally.

We combine the skills of insurance portfolio managers, resources of a dedicated insurance client service team and infrastructure of a well-established risk management process.

Investment decisions are based on internally generated fundamental, quantitative and technical inputs, with risk allocations driven by a rigorous and methodical portfolio construction process that includes in-depth understanding of individual business and investment objectives, full integration of asset-liability management and proactive management of insurance constraints.

This disciplined investment philosophy emphasizes transparency and risk management and is fully supported by best-in-class technology and operational infrastructure.

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