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Long-Duration/Liability-Driven Investing

Our Duration-Managed strategies are designed to provide institutional clients with best-in-class solutions from standard long-duration, index-based liability-driven mandates to highly customized liability-driven strategies and stable-value funds.

Our approach to Duration-Managed portfolios

We offer a full range of customized portfolios, as well as long credit, long duration, long government credit and long-duration-plus strategies.

Our standard index-based mandates focus on trying to maximize alpha with the least amount of risk. When trying to mimic a liability in a custom liability-driven strategy, our philosophy focuses on minimizing any deviation from the strategic-liability hedging benchmark.

Our stable-value bond strategies are conservative investment options suitable for investors seeking a higher yield than cash or for those who wish to maintain a relatively modest risk profile. These strategies are also suitable for fixed income investors who seek diversification from a multi-sector strategy focused on income.

Our investment approach includes both top-down and bottom-up investment styles. Each of these styles will vary depending on client requirements and market cycles, and also will depend on the portfolio manager’s view on markets and individual security valuations and opportunities.

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