Balancing risks with opportunities in alternative investments

In an increasingly complex investing environment, investors are thinking about their exposure to illiquid assets and how to best employ alternatives in portfolios. Alternative investments can potentitally offer vast and unique opportunities for risk compensation and clients should consider J.P. Morgan as a partner when contemplating these investments.
The J.P. Morgan alternatives platform offers access to a broad range of single-manager and multi-manager funds, spanning the full range of strategies including hedge funds, private equity and debt, and global real assets across public and private markets. We base our investment processes on proven fundamental and quantitative research and a deep understanding of how markets operate. The result is a specifically designed portfolio that seeks to meet clients' unique investing needs.

Using alternatives to access private market opportunities

Searching for growth
  • Access to the fastest growing segments of the economy through private companies
  • Key trends:
    • Technology
    • Emerging Market consumers
    • Developing infrastructure
Europe: asset sales on the rise
  • Acquire out of favor assets as highly leveraged European banks seek to reduce risk
Credit markets: seize the illiquidity premium
  • Provide capital to small and mid-cap companies with limited access to financing, while capturing a premium over public markets

Collection of boutique managers

  • Highbridge, JPMAAM Hedge Fund Solutions, Global Real Assets, J.P. Morgan Private Equity Group and Alternative Beta
  • Global resources, reach, and strength of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with $1.7 trillion assets under management1
1 As of December 31, 2014

Alternatives thought leadership helps guide investment decisions

Discover a sampling of insights from across alternative investment classes.
Learn more about the pitfalls and opportunities in infrastructure investing from Michael Cembalest in The Road Not Taken: Pitfalls and opportunities in infrastructure investing. In this paper, we review the pitfalls encountered in past infrastructure projects and show how they can be used to inform a set of guiding principles we view as essential for institutions seeking core/core-plus infrastructure exposure.
In Hedge Funds: A Potential Tool to Reduce Interest Rate Risk, JPMAAM discusses how investors looking to decrease duration risk should consider allocating to hedge funds, which have different drivers of risk.

Read The Realization: A new world. A new normal. A tectonic shift. to learn how investors are at various stages of a structural shift toward higher real asset allocations where real estate, infrastructure, transport and natural resource assets will increase in size and importance in investor portfolios.
Read Private Equity: A potential source for enhanced returns to explore why it is important for investors to understand both the benefits and the risks of investing in private equity.

Global leader in alternatives

  • Over 450 global investment professionals manage more than 30 hedge fund, private equity, private credit and real asset strategies
  • Global presence in over 20 major cities
  • Focus on innovative, specialty strategies and portfolio customization 
  • $112 billion in alternative assets under management2

Alternative solutions for every portfolio

Access more information about our alternative strategies to see how they can provide investors with risk compensation.

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