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Global Emerging Markets

Specialist Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific (EMAP) equity portfolios are managed by JPMAM’s EMAP Equities team. The EMAP Equities team is responsible for managing all global, regional and single country Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific equity portfolios, with investment professionals located in eight countries globally. The EMAP Equities team is structured to combine the best elements of teamwork and individual responsibility.

The EMAP team was formed in April 2015, after the Emerging Markets Equity (EME) team and the Pacific Regional Group (PRG) merged, bringing together two of the markets’ most experienced and well-resourced teams with over 45 years expertise of investing in emerging markets equities. The combined team is headed by Richard Titherington, former Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the EME team, who also worked within the PRG in Hong Kong for 12 years.
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