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Managed Reserves Strategy

Delivering a conservatively managed, short-term, low-volatility strategy, through funds or managed accounts.

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JPM (Luxembourg) Managed Reserves Fund
Aimed at investors with long investment horizons looking for returns above AAA-rated liquidity funds.
Performance & Yields
J.P. Morgan delivers comprehensive solutions based on the unique investment objectives of your organization.

For liquidity investors looking to move beyond money market funds in search of higher yields/returns and for those investors positioning their portfolios for a rising rate environment, J.P. Morgan Managed Reserves provides a compelling cash management strategy.

Highlights include
  • Can be highly customized and tailored to meet individual client risk tolerances and needs
  • Seeks to provide incremental returns above those of money market funds, while retaining a focus on preservation of principal and liquidity
  • Disciplined active management, driven by fundamental research and a focus on duration, sector allocation and security selection decisions
  • Maintains a portfolio average duration of one year or less in general
  • Over 15-year track record, strategy performed well through different market cycles
  • Can be especially effective in a rising rate environment, offering a lower volatility of principal and more stable returns than those of a longer-term short duration strategy

Discover how Managed Reserves portfolios are constructed and how active management provides benefits in periods of rising rates.
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