The J.P. Morgan Private Equity Group (PEG) has been investing in Venture Capital since 1980. Our extensive history in the space has enabled us to form strong relationships with some of the world’s most successful venture funds. The firms we invest with are primarily early-stage investors, focusing on companies in their seed and start-up phase, and opportunistically on later stage and growth equity investments. Early stage investments allow the venture capitalist to obtain the most meaningful ownership stakes, and to effectuate the largest impact with regard to the business plan and management team.
The majority of our underlying venture-backed companies are in the technology, telecom, social networking and life science sectors. While our largest target market is in the U.S, we also actively invest in China, Europe, the U.K, India and Israel. With the goal of achieving a well diversified portfolio and generating top tier-returns, we seek to invest in secondary and direct transactions, alongside our primary partnerships.
Below is a representative of venture capital strategy.