We fundamentally believe that private equity investments should provide return enhancement to an overall public equity portfolio. Given this philosophy, our objective is simply to invest with and alongside the best general partners that have meaningful and specific relationships. Our partners have expertise enabling them to access and develop the best companies with the best entrepreneurs and management teams. Importantly, the average dispersion between top quartile and bottom quartile private equity funds is over 1,500 basis points and therefore, implementation through investment selection is the most crucial element in achieving return enhancement and creating a successful private equity program.


Given our team's long history of active investment in the private equity marketplace, we have access to top-tier funds, many of which do not have allocations available for new investors. As longstanding investors with many of our top funds, we have established ourselves as preferred partners with the requisite financial and human resources to be lead investors. Our reputation and continued dedication to this asset class has obligated us to no one and has enabled us to obtain sizeable allocations to over-subscribed partnerships, often being the "first call" for new funds, as well as any direct and secondary investment opportunities.

Thoughtful Due Diligence

Gaining access to a broader set of investment opportunities begins with having knowledge of those opportunities. Our group reviews on average, more than 500 investment opportunities annually. Our objective is to review and evaluate all suitable investment opportunities and select only the highest conviction ideas that will generate the most compelling investment returns.

Exceptional Investment Selection

We are highly selective and opportunistic in our investment approach and only invest in a small percentage of deals we see. The vast majority of investments managed by our group have generated top quartile performance since the early 1980s. We believe this performance is a reflection of an opportunistic, contrarian investment approach, comprehensive due diligence, and a superior investment selection process that has been refined for over 33 years.