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J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management Hedge Fund Solutions

  • Leading third-party hedge fund solutions provider, with approximately $13.1 billion in AUM and investments in approximately 100 funds1
  • Focused on developing customized solutions to help investors achieve their strategic investment objectives across the liquidity spectrum
  • Team has successfully managed multi-manager portfolios since 1995, generating strong risk-adjusted returns while avoiding industry headline risk and insider trading scandals

1Assets under management (“AUM”) include funded and committed (but not yet funded) capital. Committed capital is generally charged a management fee once funded. AUM presented will generally not match Securities and Exchange Commission “regulatory assets under management”. AUM figures are estimated and rounded. All information is as of 12/31/2016.

Our Capabilities

  • Since its inception in 1995, J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management (JPMAAM) Hedge Fund Solutions has strived to research, assess and provide investors access to best-in-class investment managers as well as fully customized portfolios tailored to their unique investment needs
  • JPMAAM has the ability to implement a full range of solutions across the spectrum of hedge funds and private credit managers on both a discretionary and advisory basis
  • Today, JPMAAM Hedge Fund Solutions is a global team of 82 people led by a senior management team with an average of 31 years of industry experience2

Our Edge

Our Team
  • Global presence ensures proximity to our clients and managers
  • 33 dedicated research and risk analysts with specialized experience2
  • Low manager to analyst ratio
  • Flat organizational structure that facilitates debate, knowledge and accountability
Deep and Differentiated Research
  • Focus on identifying risks and weaknesses
  • Avoidance of industry frauds, blow-ups and insider trading scandals over our 21-year history
  • Partner with managers to mitigate risks and improve their processes
Culture of Innovation
  • Focus on the most talented investors regardless of size and length of track record
  • Pursuit of innovative investments, structures and sub-strategies to capitalize on market dislocations
  • Access to capacity constrained managers and negotiated fee discounts
  • Cumulative investment of $43 million in the development of our industry leading technology suite2

2As of December 31, 2016

years with
J.P. Morgan