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J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management Hedge Fund Solutions

  • Leading discretionary third-party hedge fund manager, with approximately $12.9 billion in AUM and investments in approximately 90 funds1
  • Focused on developing customized hedge fund solutions to help investors achieve their strategic investment objectives
  • Team has successfully managed multi-manager funds since 1995, avoiding industry headline risk and insider trading scandals

1As of September 30, 2015

Who We Are

  • Since its inception in 1995, J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management (JPMAAM) Hedge Fund Solutions has strived to research, assess and provide investors access to best-in-class hedge fund managers as well as fully customized portfolios tailored to their unique investment needs
  • JPMAAM Hedge Fund Solutions has the ability to implement a full range of solutions across the spectrum of hedge fund investing on both a discretionary and advisory basis
  • Today, JPMAAM Hedge Fund Solutions is a global team of 80 people, with average senior management industry experience of 25 years managing hedge fund solutions for some of the world's leading institutional investors

Our Edge

Our Team
  • 31 dedicated research and risk analysts with specialized experience
  • Low manager to analyst ratio
  • Flat organizational structure that facilitates debate, knowledge and accountability
Deep and Differentiated Research
  • Focus on identifying risks and weaknesses
  • Avoidance of all industry frauds, blow-ups and insider trading scandals over our 21-year history
  • Actively work with managers to mitigate risks
Culture of Innovation
  • Focus on the best hedge fund talent regardless of size and length of track record
  • Pursue innovative investments, structures and sub strategies to capitalize on market dislocations
  • Industry leading technology; cumulative investment of $302 million in our technology suite, which includes Portfolio Management Platform—a proprietary system that can identify, measure and mitigate portfolio investment and liquidity risks

2As of December 31, 2014

years with
J.P. Morgan