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Global / EAFE

We offer multiple international and global strategies that fall under three distinct platforms: Manager Driven Platform, Research Driven Platform, and Behavioral Platform. Each platform has separate portfolio management teams, separate research teams that support them, along with different investment processes and philosophies.

Manager Driven Platform
The Manager Driven portfolio team consists of six portfolio managers who focus on identifying “quality” companies that are well-managed, profitable, possess solid balance sheets and are growing faster relative to peers, yet whose stocks trade at reasonable multiples.  This is achieved by leveraging the deep regional resources and global sector analytic capabilities of JPMorgan.
Research Driven Platform
The Research Driven portfolio management team of four, works closely with 70 career research analysts, seeking out companies that combine the following characteristics:
  • Attractive valuation: the DDR serves as our primary valuation tool. Portfolio managers focus on stocks whose DDRs rank in the top two quintiles of their respective sectors.
  • Sustainable or improving ability to generate cash flow.
  • Return-focused, shareholder-friendly management.
  • Timely catalysts that will enable to stock to realize its inherent value.
Behavioral Platform
The investment philosophy of the Behavioral Platform strategies is as follows:
  • Persistent growth and value anomalies exist in markets caused by persistent biases of market participants.
  • These anomalies can be exploited through combining disciplined stock screening processes with fundamental research.
  • Excess return is most efficiently captured by disciplined portfolio construction and through building portfolios highly diversified by stock, sector and region.
The Behavioral Driven Platform strategies draw upon our firm’s deep expertise in both screen based investing and fundamental research.
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