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Anthony Werley

CIO Endowments, Foundations & Healthcare and Vice Chairman of the Private Bank
United States

16 Years with
J.P. Morgan
41 Years in
the industry

Tony is the Chief Investment Officer for the J.P. Morgan Endowments, Foundations & Healthcare Group and is a Vice Chairman in the J.P. Morgan Private Bank. In this role he establishes overall investment policy and is responsible for strategic and tactical allocation, manager and vehicle selection, risk management and performance across discretionary assets within the Endowments & Foundations Group. In his role as chief portfolio strategist, Mr. Werley advises and conducts portfolio analysis on behalf of non-discretionary client relationships. In addition to his responsibilities within the Endowments & Foundations Group, Mr. Werley is a member of the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Capital Markets Assumptions Committee since 2003.

Mr. Werley joined J.P. Morgan in 2003 as a Managing Director within the Private Bank where he held leadership roles including Global Head of Portfolio Construction. He has served in management, investment and sales capacities for institutional and private clients for over 30 years. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, Mr. Werley was with Graystone Consulting/Morgan Stanley, advising on asset allocation and serving as Head of Transaction Advisory. Earlier in his career, he was President and co-founder of Asian research and private equity boutique Clarion Capital, and was the Global Head of Private Client Services for CS First Boston.

Mr. Werley is quoted regularly in investment journals, the financial press, and is a frequent speaker at leading industry conferences. Mr. Werley holds a B.A. from Georgetown University and an M.B.A. from New York University.

years with
J.P. Morgan